You notice a rejection error related to "Violation of Families Policy Requirements" on your Google Developer Console. This article explains why this occurs and how you can resolve this issue. 


In the Google Developer Console, while you uploaded your app's APK file onto the Google Play Store, you received the following rejection message due to a policy violation:

Eligibility Issue

Publishing Status: Rejected

After review, your app has been rejected and wasn't published due to a policy violation. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play. However, the previous version of your app may be subject to removal if you do not resolve the issue outlined below. 

Issue: Violation of Families Policy Requirements

Apps that contain elements that appeal to children must comply with all Families Policy Requirements. We found the following issue(s) with your app:

Privacy Policy

You must provide a link to your app's privacy policy on your app's store listing page. This link must be maintained at all times while the app is available on Google Play, and it must link to a privacy policy that, among other things, accurately describes your app's data collection and use. Please provide a link to a valid privacy policy in your app's store listing page in the Play Console. For more details, please refer to the Privacy policy section (#6) of the Families Policy Requirements. 



This issue occurs when the Privacy Policy is not set.  Android apps containing elements that appeal to children must comply with all the Families Policy Requirements. As a part of these requirements, when publishing an app via the Google Developer Console, you must provide a link to your app's privacy policy. Failing to do so will result in you receiving this error message.


  • Having access to the Google Developer Account


Follow the steps provided in the Solution part of the Updating The Google Store Listing With The Your App's Privacy Policy URL KB article.