Google rejected your Android app due to "Violation of Impersonation Policy". This article explains why this occurs and how you can work around it. 


You saw the following error message on your Google account.

After a recent review, we found that your app <app_name> is not compliant with one or more of our Developer Program Policies...We were unable to verify your ownership...Violation of Impersonation Policy...Publishing Status: Removed


In an effort to protect trademark rights and reduce infringement of intellectual property, Google Play has been actively enforcing its Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy.

This may affect your ability as a developer to create apps on behalf of other businesses.


To avoid your Android app from being rejected due to the Impersonation policy, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a legal document between you (the developer) and the third party whose trademark or intellectual property will be used within the app. This document should permit you to create an app on their behalf and use their trademark and intellectual property within the app store listing (e.g., Brand names and logos, graphic assets, audios, etc.).

  2. Make sure that both you and the third party have physically signed the document. If you can, then have the document notarized.

  3. Once the document is ready, submit it to the Google Play App Review team through their Advance Notice form.

  4. After the Google Play Review Team has approved your document, go ahead, and (re)submit the app to the Google Play store.