Your mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry) must have a Privacy Policy if the app collects personal data from users. This article explains how you can update Google's Store Listing with your Privacy Policy URL.


You need to update the Store Listing with your Privacy Policy URL when your app collects personal data from users, such as (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name

You may get an error upon uploading your app on the Google Play Store. The most common are:


  • Having access to the Google Developer Account


 Getting the Privacy Policy URL

  1. Log in to the App Dashboard on the CMS platform.

  2. Navigate to Settings -> App Screens


  3. Scroll down and under the Privacy Policy URL section, copy the URL.



Providing the Privacy Policy Link

  1. On your Google Developer Account, during the APK upload process, on the left pane, expand the Store presence menu.

  2. Select Store listing.

  3. Paste the copied URL in the Privacy Policy field


  4. Continue with the remainder of the APK upload process.