This features lets you easily integrate in a web page from your app so long as the website does not contain Flash, just insert an URL, set up launching preference of the site from your app and voila.

Adding this feature:

  1. Launch full feature list by clicking on "Add +" from Create > Build > Features.
  2. Search for or scroll to and click on Website from the feature list, click Select.
  3. Input feature name, click Add. This feature will now appear in the menu on the left.
  4. Further configure by clicking on the feature.

Modifying the feature to your preference: Content

  • Change name (Screen Info > Screen / Feature Name), this will be the feature's name in the app.
  • Choose and apply an icon to the feature (Screen Info > Feature Icon).
  • A navigation bar can be toggle on or off (Setting > Navigation Bar).
  • Insert and customize user experience of viewing the site (Website Views > Add WebView).
  • Repeat steps to each additional website.

  • Name: Website name
  • URL: Insert URL to direct to, link should begin with "http://"
  • Open in a new browser window: Toggle on this option and the site will be launched on user's phone browser, instead of in-app
  • Allow Printing: User will be able to print from the app if this option is toggled on
  • Hybrid Browser: With this option toggled on, the native version of Safari or Chrome will be used to load the website, this setting can not be used in conjunction with the printing option
  • Thumbnail Image: Choose a thumbnail image for the website (200 x 200px in PNG format).