Integrate up to 3 categories: Contact, Address, and GPS directions for each location, pointing to places of interest near your business within the app.

Adding this feature:

  1. Launch full feature list by clicking on "Add +" from Create > Build > Features.
  2. Search for or scroll to and click on Around Us from the feature list, click Select.
  3. Input feature name, click Add. This feature will now appear in the menu on the left.
  4. Further configure by clicking on the feature.

Modifying the feature to your preference: Content

  • Change name (Screen Info > Screen / Feature Name), this will be the feature's name in the app.
  • Choose and apply an icon to the feature (Screen Info > Feature Icon).
  • Name and color-code up to 3 categories (Screen Info > Categories).
  • Add points of interest - POI (Screen Info > Categories > Add Point of Interest > Input fields: Name, Category, Website, Email, Telephone, Location and Description > Add). Repeat steps to add more POI.

  •     Name: Name of POI
  •     Category (Color): Choose which category this POI is in
  •     Description: Adjust and modify the POI's description using WYSIWYG editor
  •     Website: URL the POI will direct to, link should begin with "http://"
  •     Email: Email address that will auto-populate in the To field of the Email
  •     Telephone: User will be able to dial to call this number on their phone
  •     Thumbnail Image: Upload a thumbnail image for this POI (140x140px in PNG format)
  •     Address: Search for the address in “Enter a query” or enter the coordinates in the Latitude/Longitude fields below. The nearest address will be input using Google Maps for this option
  •     Distance Type: Choose for distance to be displayed, in Kilometers or Miles
  •     Click Save on the top right when done.